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Our Method

Modern Marketing and Technology Constantly Evolves

There seems to be a new wheel invented every few days in the world of marketing and technology. While those new and exciting opportunities are often worth a good look, successful marketing starts with a comprehensive viewpoint and succeeds with discipline.

We follow a simple process that includes four phases – exploration, strategy, execution, and improvement.

We Begin With Exploration

One-size-fits-all tactics and tools rarely produce meaningful or sustainable results. That said, we certainly use an array of tools and tactics in our strategies and their execution. The important part is knowing which to use and when. In this initial phase, we explore you, your unique advantages, and your audience to accomplish just that.

Strategy, Execution, & Continuous Improvement

Strategy is obviously the core of successful marketing. Prior to that success, we must have a plan and a clear roadmap to guide our execution. Strategy is about one thing – focus.

Execution begins immediately following strategy. Most significant breakthroughs are discovered while doing.  That’s why we meticulously measure every aspect of the execution. Move quickly and learn fast – that’s how real results manifest.

Now we fine-tune. Marketing is a living, breathing, growing animal. The work is never genuinely finished and is continuously improved. 

What We Do

In Good Company

Organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, have trusted our process and celebrated the results.

Our Lifeblood – Storytelling

I fell in love with commerce and the opportunities that come with compelling visual storytelling.

- Ruzwana Bashir

Every person we reach has a need that commerce can likely solve. Compelling storytelling is the conduit that allows for that exchange.  It is the center of everything we do.