Here's An Idea

We Empower Nonprofits And People To Achieve More Good Than They Thought Possible

We strongly believe good storytelling is the best way to engage people in the conversation of doing good. The purpose of our Impactful Initiative is to tell the stories of nonprofits.

Our Core Purpose

How do you solve the #1 challenge for almost all nonprofits?

Fundraising is the number one challenge for nonprofit organizations. We help solve that problem by providing nonprofits and the companies that support them with professional services at little to no cost. With the support of those services, they can raise funds more effectively.

Our Impactful Initiative

Storytelling is the most impactful activity for an organization. It’s incredibly crucial to succeed in today’s chaotic and distracting world. For-profit companies spend large amounts of money, time, and resources on storytelling. We believe nonprofits should have the same opportunities.

Impactful Services

Raise was born from the desire to have fun while doing good. We are a collective of professionals that have decided to help solve the biggest challenges for nonprofits. With the right funding, they can access resources typically only available to companies in the for-profit sector.

Most nonprofits are great at their respective purposes, but they often struggle with business activities like marketing, web development, and strategy. Our team has provided these services for decades on behalf of for-profit companies. We’ve decided to take a giant leap and focus on doing the same for nonprofits and the companies that support them.

What We Do

In Good Company

Organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, have trusted our process and celebrated the results.

Truly Powerful

Things come full circle with a sense of community.

Every person we reach builds a community. Within that community, we continually tell the nonprofits’ stories and people impacted by them.

With each story told, we all learn how we can do more good.