Here's An Idea

We Empower Nonprofits And People To Achieve More Good Than They Thought Possible

We strongly believe that making something fun and telling a good story is the best way to engage people in the conversation of doing good. We call it our Impactful Initiative.

Our Core Purpose

How do you solve the #1 challenge for almost all nonprofits?

Fundraising is by far the number one looming challenge for nonprofit organizations. We help solve that problem by rethinking the conventional solutions and well crafted story telling through the Impactful Initiative.

Our Impactful Initiative

Telling their story is the most important responsibility of a nonprofit organization. It is incredibly crucial to succeed in today’s caotic and distracted world. Companies in the profit sector know this and spend incredible amounts of time and resources to ensure their success. I’m sure we don’t have to tell you, but nonprofits simply don’t have that luxury in most cases. 

Raise was born from the desire to have fun while doing good. We got together and decided to help solve the single biggest challenge for nonprofits, fundraising. With the right funding they can access resources that are typically only available to companies in the profit sector and basically take it from there. After all, most nonprofits are really good at their respective purposes. That’s why we have chosen to focus on telling their stories and getting them the funds they need to do good.

Do Good. That’s our thing and we believe it’s yours as well, you just need to know how to accomplish that goal.

How It Works

We belive you’ll agree when we say our phones are some of the most impactful tools for storytelling. That’s why we made them part of how this whole thing works. Check it out…


We give away phones and ask the recipients to take our Impactful Pledge.
“I pledge to do as much good as possible with this phone.”


Additionally, people can start doing good right away by increasing their number of entries with a simple contribution.

Do Good

Saved the best part for last!
The net proceeds from those contributions go to partner nonprofits. How cool is that?!


Now comes the the true power of the Impactful Initiave. Every person we reach builds a community where we continually tell the stories of the nonprofits, the people that impact them, and those that are impacted by them.

Remeber the part where we believe you also want to do good, but you just need to know how? Well, being a part of this community is one way to learn. With each story told, we all learn more and more how we can be the most impactful and do good.