Digital Intelligence Meets Thoughtful Strategic Design

Smithwick & Wray brings more than a high level of understanding and execution of programming. Our method of including the bigger picture and an overall digital strategy has proved to inform the very core of clients’ business models. With a rare combination of technical know-how, design, and a business savvy intellect, our team has fundamentally improved the digital strategy and assets for companies of all levels from startup to enterprise.

Additionally, Smithwick & Wray operates, owns, or invests in various digital properties and companies. With a strategic footprint and network of synergistic entities and products, we uniquely leverage these interests and relationships to the betterment of our clients.

We're Proudly Process Driven

The process leveraged for our clients is the same, no matter if they’re Fortune 500 or an elevated small business. We are unapologetic practitioners of continuous improvement. Below is an overview of our process.

Establish Objectives

Know where we’re headed and why.

Assess Resources

Know what we have to work with and what we may need.

Build Strategy & Execute

Know how to best leverage resources and advantages.

Measure, Improve, & Scale

Know how to dominate your objectives.

You're in Good Company

Organizations, enterprise to entrepreneur, have trusted our process and celebrated the results.